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Please support our fundraising initiative to run the distance of 10 Comrades Marathons on Ten Days starting on Friday 26 May and finishing on Sunday 4 June at the Comrades 2017 in Durban. Be part of this and follow our journey.

How are we doing? Our Target is R250k!

R43,390,00 RAISED!

We are taking on the ultimate running challenge – to run the 90km Comrades distance EACH day consecutively – for the 9 days leading up to the epic ultra marathon – then culminating in the official Comrades Marathon on 26th May 2017. So… Running ten Comrades Marathons in 10 days! Ouch!

Just think – that’s a green number in 10 days!

South Africans have a special place for those intrepid souls that, as winter starts to set in begin the epic journey that is the Comrades Marathon. The 92nd running of an event, conceived to honor the millions of fallen soldiers who died tragically during the World War 1, is set to start 26th May 2017.

The 90km run, the start and end, alternating between Durban and Pietermaritzburg is central to the South African running scene. Each half of which would be considered as amongst the toughest 42.2km standard marathon in SA.

Please support us!


All for these three worthy causes! – Donate NOW!


Pet Empowerment in Townships – PETS (Pet Empowerment in Townships) strives to empower animals in townships and poor communities. We work with the community to improve the lives of these disadvantaged animals by giving them daily meals, warm shelters, regular inoculations, sterilisations and vet care in emergencies. We also rehome those ones that are unwanted, unloved or lost.

We try to instil in the communities, a responsibility and pride for their animals by not just empowering the animals, but also by educating and helping the people uplift themselves. We believe in working hand in hand with the animals and people of these impoverished areas to create unity, trust and stability for all.

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Underdogs SA – the only pit bull breed specific registered NPO of its kind in South Africa, founded in 2011. We rescue and rehabilitate, then home the pit bulls with the assistance of qualified Vet and animal behavior specialists.

We spay/neuter, vaccinate, de-worm, microchip and fully rehabilitate before re-homing.

During the time of rehabilitation these animals are also showed what it feels like to be loved by exercising them daily and socializing them with other dogs. We rehabilitate and re-introduce well balanced American pit bull terriers into society and we strive to assist in the education of the public on the American Pit Bull Terrier and assist in the struggle against Pit Bull Fighting.


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Pit Pals is committed to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming Pitbulls and other power breeds, including but not limited to, Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Pit Pals is dedicated to educating the public on how to treat and love animals in general while focusing on Pitbulls and educating the public on how to deal with the breed properly and to show the public, including kids, that dogs are sentient beings, and not someone’s property to do with as they please. Our education plan will include the necessity to sterilise your animal and will work with our supporters and fundraising team to raise money to assist those families who do not have the funds to sterilise their dogs. We believe sterilisation will lead to less over population and is extremely important.



NEW THIS YEAR – Be Involved and Run Part of Ten10

A new twist has been added to the Ten10 format this year – we are inviting runners to join us in the initiative.  Many runners watched the daily slog Hazel and Tumelo endured in 2016 and wished they could be part of this cause in some way.  So, we are excited to extend an invite to all club runners to please join in by running one or more of the days or doing a day with a relay team. Send us a proposal and we will accommodate you as best we can! You get to wear full club colours and be part of the media coverage and excitement of the event.  We will be giving all club members who join a complimentary t-shirt to show our appreciation of doing something greater than yourself.

The set dates for this little trot are 26 May – 4 June 2017 and we would love to have you involved by hosting your club Time Trial to assist in raising funds/dog food or for members of your club joining us in the event.

Who is Running?


Hazel Moller


Tumelo Mokobane


Join us on route – click here

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Our seconds will be posting updates often on our progress. How we are doing and how far we are etc.
Please follow and share our journey. We hope to raise a lot of funds as we are running and we can only do this with your help!