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The Crew Behind Ten10

Leads –  Hazel and Tumelo
Stage Hands – The Crew at In-Detail – Gerald, Chiara, Carley, Anria and Werner.
Drums – Patrick Devine – Chiara Jones – The Tweeters
Stage Director – Maria Paschalides – Mrs “I will do whatever anyone wants me to do in half the time and double the effort”
Tour Director – Grace Perreira – The Bed Finder (queen of accommodation)
Lead Vocalist – Chris Moller – The Man…. that makes it all happen.
Backup Singers – Michelle Gouveia  and Ana de Gouveia – always working but never looking for credit
Keyboard – Claire Sandwell – Her fingers do all the work on finances
Lead Guitar – Jane Mackinnon – Physio with magic hands!
Lighting Aurelia Masino – Send off specialist
Roadies –  Chris Moller and Kids

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Our seconds will be posting updates often on our progress. How we are doing and how far we are etc. Please follow and share our journey. We hope to raise a lot of funds as we are running and we can only do this with your help!