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Underdogs SA Rehabilitation Centre – Pretoria has been fixture in the city of Tswane for 6.years. More than .696 animals have passed through our shelter, ,
in that time period receiving not only food shelter but a lot of medical attention due to abuse and dogfighting also they received lots of loving care,
all our pit bulls are being rehabilitated successfully out of abusive situations, completing basic obedience training and eventually being successfully
rehomed. All of them have found lifelong loving homes through our adoption program.

As you might guess it takes lot of money to care for and provide adequate shelter for these dogs. Most of our staff are dedicated volunteers and for that
we are extremely grateful. But even with the generosity of all their donated time we still have to pay our utility bills our food bills .pay for medicine and
supplies for all the dogs, in our care. The need during the coldest months of winter is especially great and having kennels that would be conducive to the
South African winters and summers will be an extra special treat for the dogs. Sponsoring Underdogs SA Rehabilitation Centre – Pretoria will save the lives
of hundreds of innocent dogs each year and will give back to our community.

We are renting kennels at the moment for do not have our own property, our kennel fee is extremely high, sometimes up to R7000pm,
excluding food or other expenses. A costing proposal has been prepared to indicate what we are working towards.


This proposal has been formulated to explain how you can help and describes how your generous gift will be utilised.

Decent sized propertyR800 000.00
If no borehole:+-R25 000.00 to sink one
To build an average house 2/3 bedroom: R8 000.00 /sq. R800 000.00
Utilities (water & electricity: R1 200.00
To build a kennel approximately: R4 000,00 for a 3x3m
To feed 1 dog for a month: R250.00 excluding treats etc.
To feed 50 dogs a month: R12 500.00


When you sponsor or donate to UDSA, your company logo and slogan will be used at our events and venues. It will be an honour to invite
a group from your company to enjoy a day at the kennels with us and have a “meet and greet” day with the awesome dogs we have.

When any of your employees adopts pet from our facility and mentions that they work for donor they receive 10% discount off all adoption fees and pet supplies.

There’s no better feeling than helping an animal in need. Not only will you be aware of your good deed we’ll make sure everyone else in Tswane is too.
Everyone in our community benefits when donors put their funds together to remove stray pit bulls from our streets and find safe happy homes for them.


It is the ethical obligation of an organization to the community in which it exists. At Underdogs SA Rehabilitation Centre – Pretoria, we believe it’s our social responsibility to care for Pit bulls in need and match them with loving homes. Do you believe in social responsibility. Would you like to show that your organisation values the community as well as the profits earned there? Giving to Underdogs SA Rehabilitation Centre – Pretoria, is the perfect way to show your company cares about animals. With your assistance, we will be able to give Pit bulls in need a safe secure environment and your sponsorship is the best way to show this.

Your company cares about people – The majority of people have tender feelings toward animals. Donations are way to show that your organization shares these values.

Your company cares about safe neighbourhoods – Rescuing abandoned and lost animals wandering in neighbourhoods makes both residents and animals safer.

Your company cares about the planet – Your funds will help to provide affordable spay and neuter services to prevent future generations of unwanted Pit bull Dogs.

Becoming sponsor of UDSA is visible effective way to show you believe in social responsibility to your community.

Supporting UDSA is not just good for these animals; it’s also good for you. Why? Because not only will you have the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping animals in need you’ll also receive the following advertising benefits. Your donor information will be seen by everyone who views our weekly adoptions available on our website and Facebook page. Your donor information will be viewed by everyone walking into our main adoption facility

The giant bulletin board across from our main reception desk hosts posters featuring the names of all our donors. Your donor information will be featured on our website. Check http. www.underdogs.co.za donors to see list of our current donors for the year. Your donor information may be listed in our brochures and event invitations.

Donating to UDSA is great way to support your community and our animal friends.


UDSA provides safe healthy environment for all animals in our care we not only rescue but is a rehabilitations centre. We are the only Pit bull Breed Specific organisation in SA. We strive to never turn any animal away for any reason. Although we always strive to find adoptive homes for all our animals occasionally we must provide long term care for aged ill or mistreated animals. We promote pet adoptions to match animals with lifelong loving homes. We do stringent and strict home checks. We hold adoption events and continually advertising our adoptable pit bulls on community on the internet and our Facebook page. UDSA promotes affordable spay and neuter programs as well as micro-chipping programmes. To prevent the proliferation of unwanted pit bulls in our community we spay or neuter all these pit bulls that pass through our shelter. We also micro-chip each dog. UDSA rescues lost and abandoned pit bulls on city streets and suburban neighbourhoods are not safe environments for pets on the loose. UDSA also rescues pit bulls from fighting rings and makes use of law enforcement when we are aware of these activities.

Whether they are temporarily lost or in need of new home our volunteers will pick up stray pit bulls in our communities and care for them in our facility until they can be reunited with their owners or placed with new family. This makes our neighbourhoods safer for both dogs and people. USDA educates citizens about responsible and compassionate care for all pit bulls our volunteers offer training and checklists so new owners can learn how to take the best care of this breed.

Volunteers are available at all hours to answer questions on the phone.


Underdogs SA Rehabilitation Centre, Pretoria SDA is located at a kennelling facility in Voortrekkerhoogte Pretoria where we rent our kennel space, and thus the
reason for this proposal.

It is our objective to own our own property and the following will be included:


This area is outfitted with rooms for two veterinarians to examine and treat animals as needed. Here our volunteer vets perform neuter and spay operations inoculate all animals and carry out surgery and various medical care procedures to take the best possible care of our animals.

Dog Runs We have dog runs that can be reconfigured to handle pit bulls of all ages and sizes. The fronts of the dog runs are welded mech allowing visitors to view and select dogs for adoption. All dog runs have hour indoor outdoor access.


We couldn’t survive without our workers. This is the space where they can take break eat their meals and securely store their belongings.


In this area we store all our pet food and medications bedding and cleaning tools.


We have large exercise yard for visitors to try out their prospective dogs on leashes.



USDA is non-profit organization. Our mission at USDA is to care for every Pit bull in need and to match these gorgeous animals with forever homes.
As you may have noticed in the media and social media, the needs for our animal companions especially for those not yet lucky enough to find forever
home are at a critical level, especially with the breed such as the Pit bull. At Underdogs SA Rehabilitation Centre – Pretoria, our need for sponsors
becomes particularly acute due to the fact that we are currently renting kennel space and desperately need our own property to develop for our rescue’s.

Our kennel space is currently limited to 24, and we get calls every day to take in new dogs in that have either been lost or abused.

With the help of our volunteers and the financial support of our donors we plan to serve the animals and people in our community for many more years
to come, however, we really do need the support of people like you to keep the shelter running and we offer mutually beneficial donor and sponsorship program.

So we hope that you can open your heart and your pocketbook on behalf of your company and your family. Underdogs SA Rehabilitation Centre – Pretoria is non-profit organisation NPO 096-391 that serves your community. Your donation is fully tax deductible No: 9468967170.

We believe that donations should benefit both parties. In this proposal we have outlined the needs described the facilities and services your donation will support and explained how your generosity will be recognized in our literature and community outreach programs.

Thank you for consideration. Rest assured that your generous donation to Underdogs SA Rehabilitation Centre – Pretoria will be put to the best possible use.